On Port of Miami 2, Ross no longer raps with an air of invincibility, either. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. Age has mellowed the rapper, taming the audacity that fueled his brush with greatness. In a gross perversion of lyric-writing fundamentals, Ross usually eschews the specific for the general. Perhaps the time was right for a sequel to Port of Miami, because over the last half decade, Ross has begun to return to Earth. Summer will soon be coming to an end, but not before Rick Ross blesses us with some feel good Miami vibes, grown man style. “ Die Single Hustlin hieve die Geschichte des ehemaligen Drogendealers, der zum erfolgreichen Rapper aufsteigt, auf eine neue Stufe. Ross used to put his back into his grunts, stringing together verses from contemptuous snarls. Ross remains a sharp writer. In “Port Of Miami 2,” the beats you hear are cinematic, while Ross’ subject-matters and lyrics are well throughout, intricate and grandiose. Jazze Pha, probably under instructions to keep the mic away from Ross as long as possible, does a particularly belabored version of his homicidally annoying intro drop. He's Miami's answer to Atlanta's Young Jeezy, Def Jam's breakout artist of 2005. We know he spends liberally and audaciously but (unlike Pharrell) he spares us colorful sketches of his favorite wardrobe items. We review Rick Ross' tenth studio album, ‘Port of Miami 2.’ Engelen umschreibt Port of Miami zusammenfassend als „ mächtig. He indulged in plenty of Scarface fan fiction, yes, but the florid touches that would make Ross a … But too often on Port of Miami 2, he locks into the flow of least resistance and simply lets it ride, hiding behind his production instead of asserting his dominion over it. He has a slow, husky drawl, almost always sounding like he should either clear his throat or drink some water, … Rick Ross’s 2006 debut Port of Miami was almost humble compared with what followed it. Music Review: Rick Ross - Port Of Miami 2. Mit Hilfe von Cool & Dre, Beat Novacane ( DJ Khaled ) und einem sensationellen Guest Feature von AKON, zählt dieses Album wohl zu den "Must-Haves" im Sommer Ž06 ! Port of Miami 2 is the tenth studio album by American rapper Rick Ross.It was released on August 9, 2019, by Maybach Music Group and Epic Records.The album features guest appearances from Wale, Gunplay, Summer Walker, Dej Loaf, Swizz Beatz, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, Teyana Taylor, Jeezy, YFN Lucci, Ball Greezy, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Denzel Curry, John Legend, Lil Wayne, and Drake. Rick Ross – ‘Port of Miami 2’ Album Review. Grim, creeping arpeggios lend themselves to opening tracks, and this song's twinkling piano line recalls the menacing string plucks Young Jeezy used to open Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. Other rappers give their fans red meat; Ross serves his Kobe. Port of Miami sounds so good, you might be duped into thinking Ross can actually spit. “We’ve accomplished so much since then, and sometimes you just gotta reflect on that.” Thirteen years, nine albums, and too many hits to count later, Ross returns to the first brand he ever built, delivering a sequel to that seminal debut. He indulged in plenty of Scarface fan fiction, yes, but the florid touches that would make Ross a superstar were a few years away. XXL Staff. The gift and curse of a long rap career is regularity. And yet there’s no getting around it: His presence is dulled. Rick Ross is a great rapper. The fact he can't articulate himself for shit makes him more joke than jailbird. Ross records are always great for moments like that. Check out Port Of Miami by Rick Ross on Amazon Music. AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman [+] Instead of attempting to recapture the spirit of his number one, platinum-certified 2006 debut, Rick Ross is very much in 2019 on its inevitable sequel, his tenth album. To the surprise of no one, Rick Ross doesn’t remake himself. On “Vegas Residency” he castigates Kanye’s MAGA moment (“Went from battle raps to now we wearin’ MAGA hats/Dade  County, nigga, mansions up in Tamarac/Never golfing with the Trumps and I give you my word”). Rick Ross embodies the spirit of give me liberty or death. On the real, the album is hard to hate, even though Ross at … Shoot-outs on speedboats. Rick Ross never creates a body of work that lacks in quality. Ross accents against the beat, giving the line a free-falling feel. And while his music remains sumptuous as always, that luster alone is no longer enough to wow. Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2017. Rising Def Jam star follows his huge "Hustlin'" single with a debut album that leaves us no closer to learning anything about the MC. “What good is all the wealth, shitting on yourself?” On the album cover he clutches a photo of his manager Black Bo, who died of cardiovascular disease in 2017. We never learn for sure where Rick Ross came from, and that prevents us from truly knowing where he's coming from. Please log on or create a new account to join the chat! When he suffered a pair of seizures on a plane in 2011, he brushed them off on 2012’s God Forgives, I Don’t as a product of an in-flight blowjob. It's the kind of track Lil' Wayne would absolutely obliterate, but Ross fades into the background, overwhelmed by Cool & Dre's euphoric flybuzz synths. And Port of Miami 2 offers a bounty of other pleasures, too, including fiery guest spots from Jeezy, Meek Mill, and the late Nipsey Hussle, who cuts down Tekashi 6ix9ine from beyond the grave on “Rich Nigga Lifestyle.” Even Wale, who’s sounded absolutely lost for much of the decade, locks in on “Act a Fool.” And then there’s “BIG TYME,” which lives up to its all-caps title, granting listeners the pleasure of hearing Swizz Beatz hype-man over a Just Blaze beat. While Ross is generally compelling enough to stand on his own two feet, his choice of features for Port of Miami 2 neither distract from his visions nor add much to the greater picture. Verified Purchase. Epic documentary celebrating Rick Ross' classic debut 'Port of Miami' with commentary from Rozay himself, Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, and many more. Rick Ross - Port Of Miami 2 Album Review (All Tracks + Rating) Port Of Miami 2 delivers the usual blend of bangers & lavish joints from Rick Ross. ... over 15 tracks Rozay works with a whole host of talented artists, old and new, including: .... Rick Ross has uncovered the full official tracklist of his very foreseen prospective record Port of Miami 2. His girth belies his drive: He's not hungry at all. Port of Miami was met with generally favorable reviews from music critics. If anything, the album proves you can listen to someone expatiate on himself and walk away feeling like you've learned nothing about that person; it is-- not insignificantly-- a paean to saying a lot without saying anything. But that's about the deepest this guy runs. If anything his voice reminds us how bad we could have it. Def Jam could heli-drop any bozo into such glorious ambiance and score some hits; the album facilitates sedentariness. By contrast, Trina's "Told Y'all" is a quicker, snappier production than anything on Port of Miami. Aus Sicht des Redakteurs Alexander Engelen liefere Rick Ross „ eine zwar simple, aber bei weitem keine langweilige Rapvorstellung ab. Which is a shame, because the hook Ross delivers over the song's speedboat bass and sparkling horn hits is legendary: "I'm bad (I'm bad)/ I'm back (I'm back)/ I'm mad (I'm mad)/ I'm strapped (I'm strapped)." Frequent serious references to mortality make Port of Miami 2 his heaviest recording. He’s grown out of action-movie theatrics and toned down the chest-beating bluster of his early ’00s peak as he’s retreated ever-further into gilded luxury rap. His "boss" is the sound of a trillion-pound weight hitting the ground. As if digesting trap-hop wasn't beguiling enough, here's an album presenting perhaps the starkest gap in quality between production and personality since Puff Daddy and the Family's No Way Out. Credit Def Jam for an admirable con job. Rick Ross Port of Miami. Rick Ross's 2006 debut album, Port Of Miami, is a rather flawed and tedious album from Ross. Much-delayed rap release is a triumph... Rick Ross firmly took his place as a Miami legend, and laid the groundwork for one of the greatest dynasties in modern rap in the process, with the release of his seminal, platinum-selling, number one-charting debut album, 'Port Of Miami'. To the extent that Ross even allowed himself to consider the afterlife back then, it was only to imagine it as another opportunity to show off his finest ride (“On the highway to heaven, can I let my top down?” he rapped). "Blow" sets gale force tuba farts against Dre's fairy dust hook. Rick Ross’ ‘Port Of Miami 2 Tour’ Is Motivation To Hustlers Far And Wide. Stream REVIEW: Rick Ross - Port Of Miami 2 by DKReviews from desktop or your mobile device Port of Miami is a case of invention begetting necessity. He's that rare, mythical creature: a rapper without a back story. SHARE; TWEET ; Cocaine cowboys. The first line of its first single, "Hustlin'," is a fucking beast, the best 12 words Ross ever strung together: "Who the fuck you think you fuck-in' wit' I'm the fuck-in' BOSS." CHARTS DES VENTES 1966 (3) NAZARETH Dear Jonh single HIT PARADE Radio Monté Carlo : CHAT: Personne n'est dans le chat maintenant. The similarity's no accident. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2016 Vinyl release of "Port Of Miami" on Discogs. Love Rick Ross, my CD was stolen out my case by a trusting co-worker I need my hype jam to tackle my job and Push it to the Limit is my go to when stuck in traffic and b4 I punch in for work to … Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty. So, to create a … Ross could have releases a … The first six tracks are absolute titans, all sweeping synths and hypnotic organs and Scarface samples. Rick Ross’s 2006 debut Port of Miami was almost humble compared with what followed it. Age has mellowed rap’s most audacious fabulist, and on the sequel to his breakout debut, he settles into his luxe sound like a pair of velvet slippers. He was once one of rap’s all-time great fabulists, but he no longer seems to have the energy to sustain any fantasy that requires him to change out of his velvet slippers and smoking robe. Weird, though: For such a blowhard, we hardly learn anything about Ross on Port of Miami, his lavishly promoted Def Jam debut. Drugs juke and jive with the zeitgeist, in and out of authority's searchlights, and this fall's college freshman won't blow lines or not because of Rick Ross. Editors’ Notes “Port of Miami was the foundation I built the empire on,” Rick Ross tells Apple Music. He's simply incapable of portraying the coke trade with Jeezy's glamour or Clipse's fatalism, of making a persuasive endorsement either way. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. We know he took a woman home from the club last night but (unlike Lil' Wayne or Art Brut) he withholds prosaic details like how many times they stumbled making it to the bed or what was breakfast the next morning or even, God forbid, what she wore. ... able to listen to what he's been putting together for album number ten: 'Port Of Miami 2'. By not fitting in with Rick Ross's catchy and disposible adventures on Port of Miami, "White House" shows Ross's potential depth; he can emote, but not effectively on an album this shallow. Published: August 18, 2006. We know he made big bucks selling coke but (unlike Young Jeezy) he glosses over the dark side of black market entrepreneurship. Michael Endelman of Entertainment Weekly said, "On Port of Miami , Ross turns the minute details of drug distribution and dealing into ominous, slow-rolling songs, like the hypnotic, organ-driven hit single ”Hustlin”’ and the Scarface-goes-South Beach stomp of ”Cross That Line.” In retrospect, the gap between Port of Miami and “B.M.F.” is the difference between the first Fast & Furious, which was mostly a bunch of street races, and the newer ones, where they’re dropping cars out of helicopters and wrestling nuclear warheads away from international cyberterrorists. ACCUEIL: FORUM: CONTACT: RICK ROSS - PORT OF MIAMI 2 (ALBUM) Label: RCA … After slogging through 67 minutes of Port of Miami 2, it's hard not to think of it as a tremendous missed opportunity at best and a massive con at worst. Posted September 1, 2019 by musicmattersmedia. We’re talking about the fight for his life.. Thankfully, Ross pulled through and returns with his tenth studio album, Port of Miami 2. You can only hear Ross turn the studio into a Cigar Aficionado cover shoot so many times before it loses its thrill. By contrast, Trina's "Told Y'all" is a quicker, snappier production than anything on Port of Miami. Rick Ross, gebürtiger Haitianer und wohnhaft in Miami, hat schon mit seinem Debüt-Album "Port of Miami" bewiesen, dass man in Zukunft viel Freude mit Rhymes und Beats vom South Beach haben wird! Despite being named after his debut, the original Port Of Miami is nowhere near as revered as his albums Deeper Than Rap or Teflon Don. “You could have the biggest clique, but you gon’ die a loner,” he chastises himself. For a few, thrilling seconds, Rick Ross is Mr. T. "Boss" offers a blueprint for a successful slow jam, emphasizing the first and third beat as much as possible without grinding the song to a complete halt. Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross delivers an enjoyable 10 th album with ‘Port of Miami 2,’ even if it isn’t a game changing effort.. Once upon a time, in 2018, it looked like Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross was in serious trouble. "I'm Bad" contains some of the album's most syllabically ambitious stanzas, but also some of its worst stumbles. No coincidence Ross sounds a hundred pounds lighter in his guest verse on that track from four years ago. Rick Ross may be bumbling and redundant and charmless, but he's not a disease. "Push It" flips the same-named track from that movie's soundtrack, slowing the beat to match Ross' phlegmatic gait. Port of Miami 2 is fit for laying out in the sun on South Beach, riding down Ocean Drive with the top down and your partner sitting … Just ask him and he'll tell you. Ross' real danger is the type of effort he countenances for mainstream rap. Compare that to Port of Miami 2’s emotional centerpiece “I Still Pray,” which opens with the image of Ross waking from a coma, tubes lodged in his throat. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. "For Da Low" might be the record's biggest surprise: a "jazze phizzle pro-duck shizzle" with exactly zero (0) sine wave synths. Sure Ross needs these beats-- he has all the charisma of a cold meatloaf. To call Ross' verses redundant, however, would be just that: "Mo' trips (mo' trips)/ Mo' whips (mo' whips)/ Mo' money (mo' money)/ I'm mo' rich (mo' rich).". Police corruption. He's a supporting actor, second fiddle to the real, Pro-Tooled stars, desirable not for his authority or presence but for his utter blankness. "Hustlin'," a leviathan, trunk-rattling single released a few before Port of Miami-- Rick Ross' official debut album, following a series of mixtapes -- informed everyone within earshot about Ross' modus operandi. But they need him all the same.